Community Updates

Cedar City is home to wonderful organizations and companies. Additionally, Cedar City strives to have a transparent government so that businesses and citizens are well informed about their community. As a result, the Office of Economic Development updates this page quarterly so citizens and business owners alike may know what is happening within their growing community.

These updates include:

The Utah Shakespeare Festival/Southern Utah Museum of Fine Art

  • The Utah Shakespeare Festival just celebrated it's 50th and final season of the Adam's Theater. With new buildings already under construction, the organization is thrilled to be expanding this cherished family tradition, not only with more plays, but a longer season. Expected completion of the building won't be until the 2016 season, but that hasn't stopped fans and other dedicated art lovers from getting their tickets. For updates on the building, please visit

Cedar City LDS Temple

  • On August 8, 2015, the LDS Church had its groundbreaking ceremony for the LDS Temple. Hundreds of people gathered around to watch as local and church-wide leaders spoke about the impact the temple will have on the community and to others located outside of Cedar City.

Building Permits/Building Updates (Published for public record)

  • Grifols - A global healthcare company is finished with their plasma donation center and has open its doors to all those in Southern Utah area to donate their plasma, which in turn will make a difference in hundreds to thousands of lives. All of this takes place in Cedar City.
  • SWATC - The South West Applied Technology College will open the doors to its new building in January 2016. The college prides itself that it is a locally accredited technology college that provides employer based education for high school and junior college students.
  • La Quinta - La Quinta Inn & Suites is currently under construction on the south end of Main Street. La Quinta will be the 23rd hotel that is built within Cedar City. The building of this hotel solidifies Cedar City's growth in both population and tourist attraction. We pride ourselves that Cedar City is an outdoor mecca with 2 National Parks so close (Zion's & Bryce Canyon), along with the above mentioned, Utah Shakespeare Festival and hundreds of miles of mountain bike, hiking, and equestrian trails.
  • Solar Power Plants - Solar is a new addition to the Cedar City/Iron County community. Currently, there are 17 solar projects either completed or under construction. Each plant ranges from 3 MW to 180 MW. The total capital investment between these projects reaches just over $1.2 billion, covering over 7,000 acres, and providing over 700 MW of power.