Zombie Apocalypse 5K

The Cedar City Zombie Apocalypse 5K is brand new event. This year it will be on October 8, 2016! The event is not timed, rather a thrilling experience that friends and family can enjoy. 

The Story: Cedar City has been overrun with zombies. However, there is hope. Two camps remain in separate safe zones. However, when you get to one, you find out it has been overrun with zombies. It is now up to  you survive, you must run 3.1 miles from camp to another without becoming zombie food.

The Objective: Run, climb, crawl, sprint, and use your wits to get from one camp to another 3.1 mies away without losing all 3 of your flags. If you do, you survived the zombie apocalypse...for now. If you don't, you become zombie yourself. But not to worry, both the survivor and the non-survivor will get a medal.

The Participants: There are two types of participants, the first is the runner. The second is the zombie. Zombies will provide their own clothing, however, torn and trashed they may be (must be modest) and we will provide the make-up. Professional and student make-up artists will "zombify" the zombie participants. 

For more information, or to register visit the Zombie Apocalypse 5K website.