Historic Downtown Economic Committee

Purpose Statement

Generally held on the first Thursday of each month, the purpose of the Historic Downtown Economic Committee is to provide input and advice to the Cedar City Council on the following:

1. Propose innovative and efficient ways to effectively invest in the Historic Downtown district.

2. Propose economically viable policies that are conducive to the economic health and preservation of Historic Downtown.

The Historic Downtown area currently includes the entire block of Main Street from 200 South to the Iron County Tourism Building and 100 East to 300 West.

Committee Members

  • Chris McCormick, Committee Chair
  • Jennifer Hendricks, Vice Chair
  • Mark Baruffi
  • Brent Drew
  • Jeff Corry
  • R. Scott Phillips
  • Mindy Benson
  • Maria Twitchell
  • Evan Vickers
  • Donn Jersey
  • Danny Stewart

Advisory Staff

  • Megan Anderson, Secretary

Last updated 06/01/2021