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Cedar City Corp

Request for Proposals to purchase

City property located at approximately

187 West Green Street, Cedar City UT.


Summary Sheet

Project: Cedar City is requesting proposals for the purchase of city property located at approximately 187 West Green Street, Cedar City UT. The property is zoned Residential Dwelling Two Unit (R-2-2). The area is approximately 0.12 acres.

Requested Proposal: The City Planning Commission and City Council have approved the disposal of the referenced property.  This disposal will contemplate selling the entire property to a single buyer.  Any proposal shall include the following: detailed description of the portion of property the proponent is seeking to acquire; anticipated use, description of improvements and modifications, anticipated economic benefit to the City, anticipated start and completion date of the proposed use, demonstrate the ability of proponent to complete the project, amount offered for the property, timing of payment, applicants ability to cover closing costs, any other terms that will be requested by the proponent. The property has been recently appraised to have a fair market value of $3,500.00.  The selling price cannot be less than appraised value.  Closing within 90 days of City Council approved.

Proposal Due-Time: 5:00 p.m., Mountain Daylight Savings Time, on the 23rd day of April 2021.  

Place: Offices of the Cedar City Attorney, 10 North Main Street, Cedar City, UT 84720.

Complete information packet: This is a summary of the project for advertising only.  For a complete packet containing requirements for preparing the proposal and the relevant appraisal, contact the Cedar City Attorney Tyler Romeril at or by calling 435-586-2953.