Special Event Permits / Film Inquiries

Click below for special event forms:

Upon completion please email the application to abrad@cedarcity.org. If you have any questions about your event and whether it qualifies as a Special Event, please contact Brad Abrams by phone:435-865-5108 or email: abrad@cedarcity.org.

If you are looking to plan a larger-scale event, please contact Cedar City Events to request a Special Event Permit (SEP).  Please be aware that not all events require a SEP.  Whether an event requires a SEP  is determined on a case-by-case basis. The following guidelines will assist when making a decision to apply for a SEP

Requires a Special Event Permit:

  • Over 250 people in attendance during the entire duration of the event in a public space
  • Requires Police involvement and coordination or security services.
  • Requires a closure on a State or City road or requires traffic control and additional parking.
  • Involves additional elements that may require insurance, such as inflatables, mechanical rides, helicopters, aircraft, or firework displays.
  •  SEP not required for most events taking place at Festival Hall / Heritage Theater, Cross Hollows Arena, or Aquatic Center
  • Event has vendor sales and requires a business license or sub-license 
  • Event requires an Alcohol permit

Film Inquiries 

For questions and more information on filming in Cedar City and Iron County, please contact Brad Abrams, Email: abrad@cedarcity.org, Phone:435-865-5108.