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The proposed addition has been designed to include the following: an indoor child care facility with a fenced in outdoor play area; remodeling of the front counter area to accommodate soft play equipment for very young guests; three full court basketball courts that can be separated and used for multiple activities; an upstairs indoor walking track; cardio equipment, weight machines, and; storage areas.

The recreation center will be located along the northeast side of the aquatic center. When the aquatic center was originally constructed this area was leveled and prepped for the recreation center. Underground footings and foundations along the existing exterior walls of the aquatic center in this area were constructed so that they could support the additional recreation center structure. Also, an elevator, stairs, and locker rooms were built to support both the pool and the recreation center. Sewer and water were stubbed out to locations conducive to adding the recreation center and the child- care area.

The current architect estimated cost for the recreation center is $6,200,000. This is only an estimate. Cedar City will put the project out for a competitive bid process. Once Cedar City and a licensed, bonded, and insured general contractor enter an agreement we will have a firm cost.

Cedar City has secured a bond from the State of Utah Community Impact Board. The bond is for $6,200,000, the interest rate is 2% and the bond has a 30-year term. The yearly payment on the bond is approximately $277,000 per year. Cedar City may also consider paying a portion of the construction costs from existing capital improvement funds. Financing for the bond will not close until after bids are received and a general contractor has been selected.

The recreation center will be connected to the aquatic center. This will maximize the use of the existing staff and equipment. City staff estimates the addition of the recreation center will cost $150,852 per year to operate and maintain.

NO. Cedar City has no plans to raise taxes to pay for the recreation center capital expense or the ongoing operation and maintenance expenses. Cedar City recently paid off debt service related to the Theater, Police Station, Parking Garage, and City Hall. This has freed up a substantial amount of money. Additionally, Cedar City has been experiencing sustained growth that has brought in additional capital funds.

The recreation center is being constructed to accommodate multiple activities such as basketball, volleyball, pickleball, indoor soccer, dodgeball, batting cages and many more. Also, the gyms will have the ability to be separated for individual play or opened to accommodate additional social, educational, artistic, and sporting events. Please see the presentation posted on Cedar City’s web page for more details.

There are multiple reasons why Cedar City is building the recreation center. In 2016 Cedar City conducted a parks and recreation needs assessment in conjunction with its parks and recreation master plan. The construction of an indoor walking track and gymnasiums ranked the top 2 projects for the citizens. The proposed indoor walking track in the recreation center will be constructed so that it can accommodate runners, walkers, strollers, and wheelchairs making it accessible to all. Another reason to build the facility is currently our youth recreation programs have limited space to where a child in the program is getting approximately 1⁄2 of an hour of play time per week. The recreation center facilities may also be available to host various tournaments throughout the year. Tournament traffic is important as it brings in visitors that contribute to our local economy.

Churches do not allow Cedar City to use their facilities due to liability concerns. The Iron County School District has allowed the City to rent space in their gymnasiums. There are increasing scheduling conflicts with the school programs that are the priority for use of the school gymnasiums. In addition, there are liability concerns from the School District that require the presence of Iron County School District staff members during Cedar City scheduled programs. This increases the workload for School District employees and does create additional scheduling conflicts.