Sport Complex Rentals

The Cedar City Leisure Services Department manages the Athletic Field scheduling for Cedar City to assure quality, maintenance, equitable distribution, maximum use by the public, and when necessary, protection of fields from overuse.

The following guidelines are intended to assist and guide City Staff in scheduling and resolving conflicts that arise with scheduling Athletic Fields.

Athletic Fields:

The Cedar City Leisure Services Department manages and schedules the following Athletic Fields: Veterans Little League Baseball complex, Field at the Hills complex, and the Bicentennial complex.

The Following Entities Need to Reserve Athletic Fields:

• City Programming and Events

• Other Government Sponsored Use

• Non-profit Organizations/Developmental Programs/Charitable Entities

• For-Profit Organizations and Businesses

• The Public – if they wish to have guaranteed space

Allocation of Athletic Fields – General Information:

Groups requesting rental of Athletic Fields for games or practices must complete a Cedar City Field Use Request Form (found online at All User Groups must meet all application requirements. The rental fees and completed application must be received and approved by Cedar City in order for the reservation to be final.

to read the full policy click here: Sport Complex Rental Policy

To submit a request to for use of the Cedar City Sport Complexes please fill out the form linked below:

Sport Complex Request Form

Reservations for baseball and softball complexes do not begin until Mid-April and end Mid-September.