Investigations has five detectives assigned to it who are responsible to respond to all major or more serious crime scenes and conduct the more time consuming and in-depth investigations that the patrol division is not designed to handle due to their nature of needing to be available for in-progress calls. The detectives also have additional training and experience to make them better qualified to investigate in greater detail. The detectives are called to respond all hours of the day and night to these calls which results in many callouts a year.

  1. Jake Hoyt

    Jake Hoyt

    Corporal / Investigations

  1. Bryan Moore

    Bryan Moore

    Corporal / Investigations

  1. Chet Smith

    Chet Smith


  1. Matt Topham

    Matt Topham

    Corporal / Investigations

  1. Officer Uresk

    Tyler Uresk

    Corporal / Investigations