State Construction Registry

Utah Construction Registry. You can search for specific areas and time periods.


  • On the gold menu bar located just under the SCR logo, select "How to Use the SCR"
  • Scroll down and select on the "Public Search Functionality"
  • Click in the field for the "Issuing Municipality" and choose from the list (Cedar City or Iron County)
  • Leave all the other fields blank and then submit the search
  • This will bring up all the permits that have been submitted to the SCR system by that location
  • You can also enter a specific time period to be searched
  • There is no charge for a search.
Access to some of the more detailed information may require a service charge. If you have set up a "pay as you go account', and you are logged into the SCR system, you will not be asked for payment. If you have set up "pay as you go account" on this site, you are only asked for payment if you submit a filing.