How to Upload Documents


All Boxes must be checked before you can submit, even if the item does not apply to your permit. No document upload is required if an item does not apply. To upload a document, click Upload Link in the box of the document you would like uploaded. Search for the document that you would like uploaded and select it for upload. The box will turn green when it has been uploaded. 

Once all the boxes are green and you have inputted all of your builder and building information, click Submit. If Submittal Is Rejected, you will receive an email and a notification on your permit application with the explanation of what is needed for approval. 

To upload the required documents: Click Edit Permit, then Attachments 

Replace or upload the required documents using the previously listed instructions. 


Go to either Plan Review or checklist. Click on Needs Corrections on Building-Residential AND Planning & Zoning. 

A note will be listed with what is needed. To attach a file: click the Attach File box. Upload New Attachment and select the attachment. 

Here you can also add any notes you feel necessary. Save and then it will change from Needs Corrections to Updated For Review.


Login to your account and click on the permit number. 

A PDF will be attached next to the inspection(s), here it will explain what needs to be attached, if anything. 

Under the Attachments tab click +Add To Section

Name your document and attach the selected document. 

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