Commercial and Industrial Permit Requirements

--Requires attending the Project Review Meeting--typically held the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month at 8:30AM, City Office 2nd Floor Conference Room. --Submit the Project Review Committee Appearance Application. It can be accessed online or picked up at the Building & Zoning Department in the City Office at 10 N. Main. --Project Review checks for compliance of the site in relation to the zoning ordinance and utility companies requirements. --Required are 15 sets of plans 1- 24X36 and 14- 11X17. These are to be turned in by 5PM the Thursday BEFORE the meeting you want to attend. --When Project Review has approved the Site Plan, turn in 2 full sets of Building Plans Drawings that are stamped by an architect or engineer licensed in the state of Utah.

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16. Commercial and Industrial Permit Requirements
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